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Inspirational Gardening

This is a board simply dedicated to garden styles and ideas that we think are inspirational!

What a lovely idea for a narrowboat. Though, getting down (literally) to the gardening might be a bit problematic.

Tree growing through a piano

To the left, shrubs, and unicorns !?

What a beautiful herb garden design

Gardens at the Château of Vaux-le-Vicomte, Seine et Marne, France

"Earth laughs in flowers." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson, and other gardening quotes

"A gardener learns more in the mistakes than in the successes." - Barbara Dodge Borland

"He that plants trees loves others beside himself." - gardening quote by Thomas Fuller

"Nature never goes out of style." (anonymous)

The forest garden: An edible garden where all the plants grow intermingled and support each other like a natural wild ecosystem.

PLANTS are NATURE'S CLEANSERS - The container with the grown plants is actually filtering the water. When you look at the small glass 'jugs' attached to each as a drain, it gets progressively dirtier the less plant life there is. Amazing!

Rooftop garden - a little bit of paradise right in the middle of town

Norwegians have been planting greenery atop their houses for hundreds of years. Some have flowers mixed in with grass, and a few even have small trees. The verdant roofs have many advantages like the fact that they help stabilize homes, provide good insulation and are long-lasting. How cool is that?

Beautiful purple rock wart spilling over a stone wall. Just lovely.

This Japanese-style garden with a koi pond is so calming to look at. I bet it's very serene.