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Say It Again

32 Pins

Needs to be on my fridge!

It irritates me more because I used to work at a grocery store and it's not that hard to sort the damn items so they get bagged together correctly.

  • Tiffany Shegstad

    What I hate is when people just throw their stuff on the conveyor belt in an un-orderly fashion. Drives me nuts when people put their cleaners mixed in with all the food. Isn't it common sense not to mix these sort of things?


Just A Coincidence.

lol Fact.


Literal Laugh Out Loud

Addicted to Coffee / Happy to Serve You

Oh how I love this

Me too!


This is a really good idea HA!

@April McPherson @Neema Medschool @Keara Cherrell

Haha! This sounds like @Keara Cherrell

Lol, these pins are so on point today

I feel like this so many nights lol