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All the whining--just DO IT already! I have so much compassion for those I love, but this is a big deal for me. I have to always be mindful to be patient with those I love.

All these horoscope pins are freaking me out. Get out of my brain, Pinterest!!

Capricorn some of these are true about me, I love Saturdays the most, I wear garnet everyday, and have always been fond of Saturn. Also I feel Tireless, or at least, moving on.

Capricorn Daily Fun Fact

Self righteous people. Needy people. People who needs others approval to be themselves....the list goes on and on...

Except i don't think i look mature and i don't mind being made fun of (as long as its a joke)

I don't believe in Horoscopes - but I thought this was amusing. Pretty true

Their biggest submissive side comes at the hands of who they love.

Capricorn--thats true :) cause otherwise i don't give them the time of day :)

Very true luckily I have a few close friends I can let my walls down with

Subway Sign Art Capricorn Zodiac Typography Print 5x7 by PaperBleu

GEICO : Hump Day Camel Commercial, I love this commerical HUMP DAAAAAAAAY

Ways to help your spouse remember that you love him!

"A New Sandwich for Every Day of the Month" by slowrobot. Sources: menshealth and chow: Each one yummy and just a little surprising! #Infographic #Sandwiches