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José García Hidalgo: María Luisa de Orleans, Queen of Spain, 1679

Wolsey tomb - Although he was seriously ill, Wolsey was forced to make the journey south. On the way back, too ill to travel any further, he stopped at Leicester Abbey, where he was accomodated and cared for. On 29th November 1530, Wolsey died "of a bloody flux". He was buried in Leicester Abbey, in a dignified way with a nice tomb and memorial, but not the grand monument Wolsey had planned. The King had bagged that.

Francis II ( François II) (B: Jan. 19,1544 – D: Dec. 5,1560) was aged 15 when he succeeded to the throne of France, after the accidental death of his father, King Henry II, in 1559. He reigned for 18 months before he died in December 1560. He was also King consort of Scotland (1558–1560) as the husband of Queen Mary I.

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Princess Elizaveta Alexandrovna Tchernicheva Franz Xaver Winterhalter Completion Date: 1858

A portrait of the Earl of Leicester, circa 1575, by an unknown artist.

A portrait of Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex by Marcus Gheeraerts, 1596 . Robert, stepson of the Earl of Leicester, was the last favorite of Queen Elizabeth I. He was related to the Walsingham family by marriage, his wife being Frances Walsingham, daughter of Sir Francis, Elizabeth I's spymaster. He was executed for treason in 1601. BIO & Downfall: www.beingbess.blo...

A portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh in armor, c.1590.

A letter from Princess Mary to her stepmother, Jane Seymour, dates from 1536, the year of Jane’s marriage to the king and the year when Mary and her father reconciled. Mary had previously refused to recognize Henry's annulment to her mother, her illegitimate state and his position as head of the Church of England. Within the letter Mary thanks Jane for interceding on her behalf and asks her to continue to speak well of her to the King, her father.

Portrait of Lady Arabella Stuart, claimant to the throne of England through her great-grandmother, Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII. By Marcus Gheeraerts the younger, painted between 1605-1610.

Lady Elizabeth FitzGerald, Countess of Lincoln (1527 – March 1590), "The Fair Geraldine", was an Irish noblewoman. She became the second wife of Sir Anthony Browne and later the third wife of English admiral Edward Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln. She was the inspiration for "The Geraldine", a sonnet written by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. Elizabeth served as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth I and was also a close friend of her's since childhood. (Portrait by Steven van der Meulen in 1560)

This painting is of Queen Elizabeth’s spy master, the ruthless Francis Walsingham. Walsingham ran a vast network of spies and secret informers, who helped bring about the execution of Elizabeth's arch rival, Mary Queen of Scots, and played a key role in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. But Elizabeth was strangely reluctant to fund his secret service, and Walsingham was forced to sink much of his personal wealth into the operation

William Cecil, Lord Burghley, in his younger years. Elizabeth named him as a member of her council just a few days after she became queen, and relied on him heavily for the rest of his life.

Charles IX (27 June 1550 – 30 May 1574) was a monarch of the House of Valois who ruled as King of France from 1560 until his death. He ascended the throne of France upon the death of his brother Francis II.

DE LYON Corneille or Corneille DE LA HAYE - born Dutch (The Hague 1500 - 1575 Lyon) - Claude de Valois,Queen of France (1499-1524) daughter of Louis XII of France and Anne,Duchess of Brittany,wife of Francis I of France

New Portrait of Katherine of Aragon Identified | Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon are once more side by side and at Lambeth Palace, of all places! | #history #royalty #Tudor #England

Statue of Thomas More at the Ateneo Law School chapel -Pope Leo XIII beatified Thomas More,John Fisher and 52 other English Martyrs on 29 December 1886. Pope Pius XI canonised More and Fisher on 19 May 1935,and More's feast day was established as 9 July.In 1970,following post-Vatican II reforms,the Catholic calendar of saints celebrates More and Fisher jointly with St John Fisher on 22 June (the date of Fisher's execution).

MEDALLION OF SAINT THOMAS MORE - In total there were six burned at the stake for heresy during More's chancellorship: Thomas Hitton, Thomas Bilney, Richard Bayfield, John Tewkesbery, Thomas Dusgate, and James Bainham.[8]:299–306 More's influential role in the burning of Tyndale is reported by Moynahan.

Corneille de Lyon Mary of Guise, (1515-1560), French Queen of James V and mother of Mary Queen of Scots, c1537

Juana of Castile (1479-1555) was the older sister of Catherine of Aragon. She was the mother of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and the grandmother of Philip II of Spain, the husband of Mary I. Philip also sent a proposal of marriage to Mary’s sister, Elizabeth I, after Mary’s death; and Charles V was engaged to Mary briefly in her childhood, but the contract was broken off.

Maria Amalia of Saxony, wife of Charles III of Spain, depicted in Polish attire, 1738, Louis de Silvestre, Museo del Prado

Louise Élisabeth de France (Marie Louise Élisabeth; 14 August 1727 – 6 December 1759) was the eldest daughter of King Louis XV of France and his Queen consort, Maria Leszczyńska, and the elder twin sister of Anne Henriette de France.