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Free Instrument Bingo Game - with sound files, too!!!

Sound Bingo! A FREE game.

Rhythm Bowling. Each pin is worth the duration of the note. The Treble and Bass Clefs are worth 2 points/pin. Of course these are my rules. Any teacher can make up his or her own. This picture shows two full sets so I can run two games at once in my Music Room!

Outdoor Music Wall | Creative STAR Learning | I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!

I decided I wanted to change things up a bit. I purchased 10 Home Depot buckets. Added neon tape and then put the same neon tape on some rhythm sticks for flare and reinforcement. The kids sit on one bucket and play the other. It's a great change! The buckets create different sounds depending on where you hit them. It teaches kids to alternate/coordinate hands while reading and saying rhythms. I teach over 1,000 students ages K-5th. The drums were a hit! (Literally).

Elementary Music Methods: Helpful post on bucket drumming and also orchestra

Elementary Music Methods: Real Life Edition: Bucket Drumming 101

All-In-One Beginner Piano Book | Free eBook

Rocky Mountain Movement Elementary Music - YouTube

Barn Dance-Oh - YouTube

Fifth graders dancing the Lucky Seven - YouTube

2nd Graders - Peter Amidon's "Zip It Up Folk Dance" (Denise!)

This is my Chair by Uli Mortiz is a fun activity I got from the Orff Conference in Vancouver B.C. It's a lot of fun! #music #education

Free SMARTboard music games

Sing or Dare? Awesome game (and bulletin board idea) for elementary general music/choir. Student chooses either "sing" or "dare" and then choose an action card. "Sing" cards have them sing a tonal pattern, sightsing a passage, etc. "Dare" cards have them do silly things or answer a music question. Kids LOVE it, and the actions can be changed to cater to each classroom/student.

Stay Tuned!: Busted! An awesomely fun DIY music game!