Come on in! Join Pinterest only takes like a second or so.

Coca-Cola announced an effort to start conversations about its brand this week, introducing its Tweet A Coke program which invites Twitter users to send $5 Cokes to friends via the micromessaging service.

Many brands have an army of subject matter experts ready to wax eloquent on the topics they deal with every day. What’s critical, however, is the way in which the topics are discussed, how the story is both conceived and told.

Last week's stellar earnings report for Facebook is a reminder that the social media platform is still relevant, and you to be engaged.

The best way to generate content that is useful and sharable is to practice brand journalism.

Frito-Lay CFO Hugh Johnston told the AP that the new flavors are more profitable for the company because they put “maybe an ounce or two less” chips in the special bags but charge the same price as a standard bag.

Two debut Hachette authors are enjoying the "Colbert bump," a phenomenon already known in the publishing world whereby books written by authors who appear on "The Colbert Report" see an increase in sales.

Thanks in part to a $100,000 grant from Google, an organization called Lava Mae fitted a former public-transit bus with two full private bathrooms, offering hot showers and clean toilets.

Brands are scrambling to adopt the longtime model of traditional publishers—know your audiences, provide them with highly relevant content and build a platform that can deliver the content in unique and efficient ways.

It's all about Pinterest these days.

The most effective crisis team is chosen in advance based on a collection of behaviors and expertise exhibited by members of your organization.

Delivering bad news to your company—especially news as bad as Microsoft's impending layoffs—is never easy. How can you best communicate this type of news to your company?

Comcast is currently getting a thorough lambasting after a recording of a terrible customer service call was uploaded to SoundCloud. It certainly won't help negative public perception of the brand.

For all the planning, sometimes SEO strategies don't work. What can you do when you have done your SEO homework but still aren't seeing the results you're looking for?

Creating a strong bond with your audience comes only after your organization establishes a strong relationship with its employees.

Live Your Brand the Way Your Customers Do, Says Brian Solis

George Clooney's public lambasting of a news source that many already regard as untrustworthy is surprising. But his decision to take action and set the facts straight provides an example of how the target of a negative story can fight back against irresponsible journalism—and win.

Companies can avoid ethical lapses in judgment by creating a listening culture that takes their audiences into account.

Gerhard Bradner, a Frontier Airlines pilot whose Denver-bound plane was diverted to Cheyenne because of a storm, ordered about 50 pizzas to feed the nearly 160 passengers on his plane during the delay.

Wondering how to fashion a loyal follower base on social media? Here are some tips from the PR pros of the PR News community.

Sports fans—especially soccer fans—are incredibly passionate, and after spectacular losses it may be better for brands who want to steer clear of their wrath to stay out of the discussion.

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Participant Media, an activist entertainment company, is working on a tool that looks to measure what motivates people to take action based on something they have watched, according to The New York Times.