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For marketers who work with TV—especially those pining over Tumblr's millennial-dominated audience—a Tumblr collaboration can deliver a different, lasting way of extending a show beyond it's standard runtime.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for effective email communication with the media. But that's not to say that there aren't ways to give yourself a good shot at landing the coverage you're looking for.

Pre-Halloween Infographic: Skittles Tops List of Most Influential Candy Brands on Twitter

19 Ways Public Speakers Can Lose Their Audience

Dropbox says that stolen credentials posted to Pastebin on Monday were not taken from their servers but from an unspecified third-party. After last week's Snapchat hack, there is reason to worry about the future safety of your information.

Public relations has evolved into a real-time, fast-paced practice. But the need to tell a story well has not changed.

Human Face Needed in Ebola Crisis Management Effort in U.S.

8 Tips for a 90-Second Professional Networking Encounter

Hewlett-Packard, one of the world's most stalwart information technology corporations, announced Monday that it will be splitting into two separate entities in an effort to keep up with changes in the various industries that it operates in.

Knowing how to make your subject line both succinct and magnetic will give your pitch an edge right off the bat and help you cross the that first bridge with the media—getting them to open your message.

UPS and FedEx are trying to change the message to keep this holiday shopping season from turning into chaos. But will retailers go along?

Alexandra Kirsch, account supervisor for the digital practice at Finn Partners, shares essential tips for planning a social media campaign.

3 Ways PR Pros Can Use Game Dynamics to Stand Out

"Keep Tracy Morgan's name out of headlines," would be one of the more blameless strategies Walmart could have adopted. But on Monday, the company filed federal court papers claiming that Morgan's injuries were caused by his failure to wear a seatbelt.

10 tips for telling a good story on social media.

There's no telling if Ello—or any other social media network—will ever unseat Facebook in mainstream popularity. But pronouncements like Ello's stand against data trafficking will certainly help its case, especially amongst jaded Facebook abandoners.

Apple hit back hard against accusations that its iPhone 6 Plus bends. How would you handle complaints against one of your products?

4 SEO Tips to Maximize the Impact of Your Content

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti's choice of "big fail," a tired phrase often used in memes, to describe the major flaw in his organization's handling of the Ray Rice controversy was a cringeworthy moment. Here are 7 other phrases, clichés and jargon to avoid in your public speaking or writing.

Few examples of digital storytelling are as popular or entertaining as TED talks, easily digestible and entertaining presentations which cover topics ranging from science and technology to design and business.

10 Larry Ellison quotes for business-savvy communicators.

Sweet 16: Top Tips From PR News’ Measurement Week Twitter Chat

Just hours before the iOS 8 rollout began Wednesday night, Apple discovered a bug in HealthKit, forcing the company to pull third-party apps designed to sync with the new service from the App Store.

Andrew Bowins of MasterCard shares tips on what to include on your measurement dashboard.

A good spokesperson will deliver corporate messages correctly. A great spokesperson will earn the public’s trust.