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Prodigy Game

Prodigy is a self-paced math game for students grades 1-8 that they LOVE to play! Click any image to check out our website and sign up your class in less than 5 minutes.

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Prodigy now includes Grade 7 and 8 for Ontario, and 6th grade for Common Core!

Prodigy Math Game

Battle monsters with math In Prodigy, you can battle over 100 different monsters using math. Defeat dragons with division and fend off fi...

Adopt and train pets Collect unicorns, werewolves, and even a flying tiger on your road to becoming the most powerful wizard at the Acade...

Design your own wizard Build your own wizard from scratch and unlock powerful magic as you work your way through the world of Prodigy. Pl...

Learn math for free. With over 300 free skills for Grades 1 - 6, Prodigy's math game is the perfect way to get your students to love math. #gbl #edtech

Differentiate Instruction, without the work. Prodigy actively adapts to keep each of your students learning at their own pace, with a learning algorithm that automatically identifies knowledge gaps and scaffolds students through difficult concepts.

Real-time reporting. Quickly get an overview of what your students have been working on, identify areas for improvement, and drive changes in your classroom with our easy-to-use reporting that updates in real-time.

Simplify Formative and Summative Assessments. Use our assessment feature to diagnose where your students are, align Prodigy's math content with what you're teaching in class, and guarantee your class has mastered a particular concept through summative testing.

Curriculum-aligned math content. Prodigy has over 300 curriculum-aligned math skills for your students to master. Moving beyond simple number sense, Prodigy covers Geometry, Spatial Sense, Probability, and many more crucial skills. There are even specific curricula for EQAO Grade 3 and 6!

Prodigy Math Game

Close the math achievement gap. Never pay a penny. Try Prodigy in your #math class! Click to see how!

Why not have your kids play a game they love and have them learn math at the same time? Click to see Prodigy, a grade 1-6 math game that kids love to play! #gbl #edtech #math