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lazy bastard lounge chair- a cross between a bean bag and LaZyboy. it's super comfy. we bought the green one. :)

love the print. my sister got it for me for my birthday. ;)

Buildings being reclaimed by nature have a great beauty to them.

  • Michael Dertesi

    There are quite a few of this site in Stuck on Earth ipod app. Check 'Ruin' Chris Kench Photography. Featured photos

  • Carmen Kunhardt

    I saw this in the down town area of Sorrento Italy. Its beautiful-w even took a picture of it. It used to be a molino when Sorrento was below the one now built.

  • Melissa Corcovelos

    Absolutely breathtaking. Makes you want to close your eyes and fall back in time!

  • Tracy Swaim

    @Trey Ratcliff In the middle of Sorrento, Italy. It's the Grist Mill, I believe. Sits well beneath the city's street.

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whoa horsey!

  • Sharon Troike

    Oh, Stefanie, that's exactly how I look when I ride my horse naked in the river! Ha ha! And yes, Genifer, can't imagine where that horse hair ended up! Ewwww.....

  • Victor Mendoza

    Theresa, you can't please every one, all the time. Genifer, hopefully she has some how covered it up. Ariah, I have family who have horses and your right. But to me she looks about 5'10" TO 11" and 135 pounds.


    hate how critical some people are because of their uninformed assumption. horses love water, and benefit from swimming (it's called conditioning) and if the horse is well trained and comfortable having a rider on their back it will not affect their swimming in the least, they are strong, intelligent animals. plus horses and riders have been doing this for millions of years. on another note she looks more healthy than thin to me.

  • Miss Merryn.

    Amazing shot....Horses love exercising in water.

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iOS '86 by Anton Repponen

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  • Yana Domashitsky

    I have these :D and a bunch of others!

  • Dot Verdin

    Those are really cute!

  • Crystal Barnes

    I have these! Everytime i wear them people come up and comment how awesome they are! And the best news in black milk clothing is the fact that they will be remaking the r2d2 and c3po swimsuits!

  • Lana La Fata

    I see you wore these in "Gamer Girl, Country Boy"! Annnnd with the orange high heeled sneakers! Nice! = ^_^ =

  • Jason Maxis

    Sexy girl.

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