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My Maine

A place to gather all the things I love about Maine, a little homesickness remedy for while I'm still a desert-dweller:)

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Raw Milk, butter, yogurt and fresh buttermilk at the Damariscotta, Maine farmer's market! #Maine

Damariscotta, Maine 2013 Pumpkinfest - 2013 Events

Damariscotta, Maine 2014 Pumpkinfest - 2014 Events

Pirates Renezvous Damariscotta Maine

Pirate Rendezvous

Built in 1754, this was the first house built in Damariscotta, Maine.

Sand Art, Popham Beach, Maine

Super Chilly Farm, in Palermo, Maine, with its more than 200 heirloom varieties of apples

Apples: Fruit of Knowledge - Martha Stewart Food

Peaceful little corner of the world

cedar oil based tick spray for animals and people

Lady Slippers

Coastal Mountains Land Trust - News & Events - Events Calendar

Beech Nut Hill Preserve

Coastal Mountains Land Trust - News & Events - Events Calendar

Insect Shield clothing, not sure about the Permethrin, but could be great for keeping ticks away.

Maine Fairy House Festival, Boothbay

Some day I need my own cider press- to make cider from all the apples growing in my orchard, of course.

Someday I want the kids to raise Angora bunnies as part of their home schooling and as a little side businesses for them, and just because it would be awesome!

Swan's Honey, Albion, ME

Green Loot We Got Under $25 (So Far)

My best friend and I used to volunteer at the fair almost every year- this could totally have been us (except that they're both blond).

Ever tried raking wild blueberries? It is back breaking!! But so worth it:)

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol, Maine, USA

Camden Maine Harbor at night


Buoys and weathered shingles

This is a painting, not a photograph- artist Alan Magee

Antiques Festival- I would snatch up at least half a dozen of these for fermenting.

Maine Antiques Festival

Wild blueberry fields

Nanny Kennedy's Farm where she raises sheep for wool and meat.

Whale Tail mug from Edgecomb Potters

Popham Beach- white sand and a hot dog stand

Monhegan Island- a rock in the ocean, chock full of artists!

Bean boots

  • Molly Alexander

    I LOVE these boots. Looks like my sister-in-law has serious Maine fever... this is very bittersweet for me! :')

  • Amy Thompson

    Molly, when we move to Maine, one requirement is a monthly travel budget, not for us (that's separate!) but to fly our family out to visit us!!


  • Olya

    reminds me of "Miss Rumphius" :)

  • Amy Thompson

    I almost looked for an image of the book to pin here too- it's one of my very, very favorite Maine books!

Lupine love

Lupines and the ocean
  • Kate Ryskamp

    one of my fav childhood books memories... Miss Rumphius, the lupine lady... had these growing all along the road our cabin is on in Alaska, good memories

I love shrimp season! Bless those fisherman!

Camping in Maine; I feel less stressed even looking at this picture!

Hans Brinker, one of my mom's favorite books, always makes me thinking of ice skating in Maine.

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Portland Maine Foodie Tours!

Maine Foodie Tours

Rockland Breakwater- a mile of rock stretched out into the ocean...

Bayview Lobster Restaurant- not fancy, but goood!

Royal River Grill- Fancy!

World's Largest Globe; this was always such a landmark driving home from Boston.

MOFGA 2011 CGCF Poster