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Penny Skaggs

Penny Skaggs

it is what it is

Jamey Johnson is an incredible song writer. He's penned hits for George Strait, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins, and Joe Nichols. His voice is like whiskey. It so smooth it burns.

▶ Jamey Johnson "In Color" with lyrics - YouTube. "And if it looks like we were scared to death like a couple of kids trying to save each other, you should have seen it in color."

  • Hailey Dotson

    This is my favorite song!!!!! My Cousin (who is 31 years old) Sang this song the day of my grandpa's funeral at my Grandma's and it was just him and his guitar.... And i believe that my cousin sang better than Jamey Johnson

  • Deborah Wiles

    Isn't it a great song? What a tribute by your cousin... condolences on your grandpa's death. hugs.

Jamey Johnson. A LEGEND already.

Jamey Johnson... on a motor cycle, as if he couldnt get any hotter.

If you like Jamey Johnson and you have not yet YouTubed 'Rules of the Bar'... do it NOW!

Jamey Johnson and a dog it doesn't get much better than that!

Jamey Johnson & Randy Houser man i frickin love them! Cant believe I met Randy!!

Country musician Jamey Johnson's autographed guitar. (Jeff Lautenberger/The Dallas Morning News)

Jamey Johnson...hard to believe that's what's under all that hair.