Maltese Poodle = Maltipoo cute animals sweet dog puppy pets poodle maltese maltipoo

Maltese + Poodle = Maltipoo

the funny animal pictures (5)

the funny animal pictures (5) - Dump A Day

Joseph Gordon-Levitt cuddling a kitten, you're welcome

Here's Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cuddling A Kitten

Bobcat kitten and baby fawn take shelter together after a fire in California…

I don't care what anyone says ... Yellow labs just do weird stuff compared to chocolate and black. They're the same ... But special.

The Internet's Animals

Nathan Fillion to Adam Baldwin on Twitter

Adam Baldwin's Twitter: Recently, w/ @ZacharyLevi, @NathanFillion @kentuckysocal at ‪#NerdHQ‬ - ‪#SDCC‬

"Epic. Zac Levi, Nathan Fillion Adam Baldwin." AGAIN- LET'S JUST PHOTOSHOP ME IN THE MIDDLE PLEASE???

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever! So cute and fluffy. Most have white markings on their face, belly and toes. A medium sized bird dog, needs an active lifestyle.


Where’s your baby?

Harmless, Need Protection ... Wow: And You Laugh About It? ... That I´m An Enchanting Cheeky, More Dangerous Than A Monkey With An Ak-47? .... I Feel Devastated, What Can I Say? ... Everybody Knows: Shy, Introvert, Few Words, Modest .. I Open Up My Heart For You, And That´s What I Get? ... Devastated, Terrible ... Oh, Ok ... There We Go ... That´s Much Better ... :)

Kitten and Glasses

Benedict Cumberbatch Tom Hiddleston - War Horse ... "I think a man is nothing without regimentals."

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