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Your Winter Break To Do List

@Danielle Parrott Hey boo you need to pin this so when we need to plan your wedding shower/ wedding we will have these ideas :)

@Cindy Theobald Engagement party decorations!! D.I.Y. Papel Picado Luminarias for Cinco de Mayo or your Southwest/Mexican inspired wedding and parties! #CincodeMayo

Baking Soda + Orange Juice mask: this combo gets rid of blackheads like nobody’s business and is great for treating hormonal breakouts. The baking soda exfoliates and fights acne while the acid in the orange juice tightens pores and the vitamin C brightens. Spa day fosho.

@Cindy Theobald Mom these would be perfect for us!! Basically what happens is that you and your mom buy your own pair of Motherspoon and register onto a dedicated platform for file sharing. So when you mom cooks her recipe and uses the spoon to taste her food, the sensor laden spoon picks up the ingredients and deciphers the recipe. When put on its cradle, the spoon loads the recipe to the sharing platform so that you can access it, even if you live miles apart.

Spiker Beach Beverage Holder Just Spike It Add your cold drink, phone, suntan oil We have to have these!!

Boo you have to do the "Cinderella" Pose! @danielleparrott

Tired of paying $9 for a beer at the ball park? $10 for a glass of Chardonnay at the opera? Now, if you want to get drunk it costs you an arm and a leg. So, what if your boobs could solve that expensive problem for you. With the Wine Rack Drinking Bladder Apparatus your “A” cups can become “D”elicious cups of your favorite beverages. This comfortable easy to wear “bra” comes with 2 bladders that can hold up to 25 ounces. - LOL NEEED THIS