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The Nude in Art

I want to be nude, don’t you? Not just my body but my soul—that boxcar full of melon, wine and gospel fire. I’m never here, always wishing for home... Always that house loving me in its fallopian rooms. Such brittle tenderness only bare feet on cold floors know. Eckhart said, the greater the nudity, the greater the union. A nude soul is best—its rusty wheels bare like shins. Always they go down through the blue earth, rise up with weeds. (Roxanne Johnson)

On the Sofa by Bernard Dunstan

BBC - Your Paintings - On the Sofa

Avigdor Arikha, Sleeping Nude with Indian Rug, 1985

  • Christopher Hickey

    I have not thought about Arikha in years. I have a small catalog somewhere in the studio. Wonderful extreme composition. Thanks for posting this.

  • Patricia Schappler

    It reminds me a bit of early Lucian Freud and you're right, it's the elongation of the image format supporting those teeth like patterns in the carpet, the open door, her gesture etc... make this psychologically powerful!

azia: June Noon. 1963. Alex Colville “I am inclined to think that people can only be close when there is some kind of separateness.”

mike reedy - jessica

mike reedy - jessica picture on VisualizeUs

Figures by Vladimir Semenskiy, via Behance


Sketchbook Drawings | @random

Saatchi Art Artist steven irwin; Photography, "Nude VIII" #art

Vincent Desiderio

Sangram Majumdar

Artodyssey: Sangram Majumdar

Angel Ramiro Sanchez - Nude at the mirror (2004)


Juxtapoz Magazine - Figurative Paintings by Jeremy Mann

Female Figure Seated by Rex Whistler UCL Art Museum Date painted: 1924

BBC - Your Paintings - Female Figure Seated


PAINTING: POWERS OF OBSERVATION: Diebenkorn's Notes to Himself

Will Cotton

New York Academy of Art