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Make a Hurricane in a Jar - using only 2 ingredients! It's swirly, magical fun in a bottle! {One Time Through} #kids #sensorybottles

Make a Hurricane in a Jar - One Time Through

Simple science experiment for kids: What happens when you plug holes on top vs. down low?

Science Ideas- Controlling Water Flow

Math Fun- Solar System Facts

Math Fun- Solar System Math Facts

Learning about thunderstorms with this simple hands on experiment

Making Convection Currents ~ Learn Play Imagine

Have your kids ever asked you How are mountains made? Find out with this fun and YUMMY Science Experiment for Kids!

How are Mountains Made? - We Made That

Fairy Tales Theme Science Activities: Dissolving Gingerbread Man, Pumpkin Science, Growing a Beanstalk, and more...

10 Fun Balloon Science Activities for Kids

10 Fun Balloon Science Activities for Kids | Happy Brown House

Do you know how you can blow up a balloon with soda? This cool science experiment for kids will blow your mind!

Balloon Experiments with Candy ~ Learn Play Imagine

How to make a sundial - hands on activities to learn about the sun

How to Make a Sundial ~ Learn Play Imagine

Blow up a balloon with yeast or baking soda and vinegar. Fun science project to do at home!

How to Blow Up a Balloon with Vinegar and Baking Soda or Yeast

How to make a penny battery! Super fun and easy science experiment!

How To Make A Penny Battery! | How To Homeschool For FREE