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Reversible Baby Dress Pattern - The Perfect A Line Dress Pattern for Baby and Toddler - PDF. $6.95, via Etsy.

Tips for Photographing Christmas Lights 1. Set your ISO high – 1600 or higher 2. Close your aperture (f/14 or higher) for a starburst effect 3. Slow down your shutter speed 4. Use a tripod or set your camera on something safe and steady 5. Turn on ambient lights in the rooms surrounding the tree but turn off lights in that room

This is the best iPhone photo tip post you will EVER read. ie I had no idea you could set the focus and exposure!

Photography Tutorial on Making Eyes Sharp and Sparkle, How to Find the Light in Photos, Catchlights - the GOLDEN HOUR

[Simple Guide to Photography] Taking photos is one of the most simplest things ever, 3 year olds even know how to do it. But understanding how photography actually works is a whole different ball game. There is a lot more to photography than just having lots of megapixels. This great infographic puts photography into real simple language for anyone to understand.

Instead of Maternity Pic its an Adoption pic! Love this!