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Here's a set of concentration cards on counting coins. Includes two different levels of difficulty.

Here's a set of money cards for use in a read the room activity.

Here's a set of money posters that show heads and tails side of each coin, along with the value. Includes posters for Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, and Dollar.

Here's a page of blank checks to use for money and spending activities.

Here's a terrific set of problems on making change. You'll find different scenarios that ask students to find totals, make change and even apply coupons to amounts. There are two similar problems for each type of practice.

Here's a trading up chart to show different money equivalencies.

Here's a set of interactive notebook resources for the study of money.

Here's a robot-themed game for practicing coin counting and combinations.

Here's a free response exit slip to see if students have mastered finding the total value of a collection of coins.

Here's an activity where letters are assigned coin values and students use them to try and build one dollar words.

Here's a terrific idea for helping kids understand that coins have different values.

Here's a nice idea for making and using math money pockets.

Here's a set of printable menus and order tickets for students to practice adding coins and making change.

Here's a set of coin counting puzzles in 5 cent increments from 5 cents to 1 dollar.

Here's a set of coin counting mats for skip counting by 5 and 10.

Here's a learning center activity for students to practice counting coins.

Here's an activity where students pick a word, determine the value of each letter, and then find the total value of the word.