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Number of the Day/Week

Here's a recording page for working on number of the day. Can be used for numbers 1-10.

FREE- Today's Number 1-10

Here's a page for writing a number in standard form, with pictures, and in expanded notation. Students are also required to decide where the number fits on a number line and justify its placement.

2nd Grade Ponderings: M.I.A...and a freebie....

Here's a number sense workout page for use with number of the day activities.

Math Coach's Corner: Number Sense Workout
  • Rachel Skinner

    I love this! I also love the math coach's corner blog. It is inspiring!

Here's a SMARTboard activity where you choose a number of the week and the students use that number to complete 12 essential skills. You can use the number of days in school or the date of a student's birthday or holiday. Students can also compete the Math Mania form that is attached.

Math Mania Weekly Math Review

Consider using this as a number of the week board. Students can complete the work in their math journals.

Math Workshop Adventures: Measurement

Here's a set of daily number study pages. Math skills on the worksheets include multiplying and dividing by powers of ten, mental math, two-digit multiplication, word names, percent of a number, factoring, Roman numerals, and more! These pages are definitely for more advanced work.

Daily Number Study Worksheet FREE - Ready to download and use

Here's a number of the day form that includes a place value box: ones, tens, hundreds, solve it box: find 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, and 10 less, tally box- mark the tallies for that number, and make change box : draw or post the coins to make that number in money form.

Free Math and Word Work Daily Routine Charts!

Here's a Number of the Day page where students write a number in expanded form, standard form, word form, draw it with base 10 blocks, represent with coins, and practice finding numbers more and less in the tens, hundreds and thousands digits place.

Wirth's Number of the Day Practice