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Can I, PLEASE, have a water without a win?

without a win? can I have a water without a win? (psych stuff)

64 Tips for Coping with Grief at the Holidays - What's Your Grief

Empathy and understanding must precede advice. Zach Brittle continues his Relationship Alphabet column today on The Gottman Relationship Blog with "E is for Empathy."

Pay Attention to What Anxiety Isn't | Anxiety tends to demand attention. It's hard to ignore anxiety but sometimes the best way to reduce it is to pay attention to something other than anxiety.

Very interesting....for every person who says and thinks depressions can be fixed with exercise and vitamins, ya right!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics

"She's got a heavy heart, a messy soul, a reckless mind, and I think it's beautiful the way she carries herself." -- Sean Bates*

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: This day calls for Xanax.

& equally as dangerous, so do what's harder (let it go & let Love rule) because it's right.

it's so weird to see words someone else said that came straight from my head.

Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me...WAS BAD ADVICE!!!

Good morning! I've been getting lots of puppy love this week & he's with me now. I'm sure U got lots last night. I Love YOU! I know u probably don't want me pinning so please let me know for sure. I do still want to be here for U even as your best friend! I do miss you & care so deeply for U but if you still need time let me know. Be are special cargo! :-) Love U!!***

one time my mom almost got in a wreck with me in the car and the weird thing was i just sat there blankly