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The Frog learning platform is used by more than 12 million people worldwide. Frog allows teachers to create fun and engaging online learning resources without relying on anyone technical. Frog’s simple drag and drop system allows students and teachers to build almost anything they can find on the internet (videos, apps, wikis) in the safe environment of the school. Frog is used a bit like an intranet because it’s the first place students and teachers go to at the start of the day.

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Bett 2014 Learn Live Session - Big Data: School perspectives on what, how and why? The session will explore practical ideas on how to use big data to maximise performance across the whole school community, impacting students, teachers and even parents.

Welcome to the world of Frog.

FrogSnap is now available on all iOS devices to allow you to capture your best moments and upload them into the FrogLearn platform. View uploaded content directly in your FrogDrive on your iPad or FrogLearn environment. FrogSnap is completely integrated with your FrogLearn platform - new photos added using the app even appear in your timeline! Future compatibility included to work with the up and coming release of site timelines.

FrogSnap on the App Store on iTunes

FrogDrive is now available on the iPad to allow you to manage your files in the FrogLearn platform. Copy, delete and rename your FrogLearn files straight from your iPad. You can upload images from the camera roll to FrogLearn or open existing files in other compatible apps on your iPad. FrogDrive also allows you to save files created or edited in compatible iPad apps straight to your FrogLearn documents folders. FrogDrive is completely integrated with your FrogLearn platform - new files added using the app even appear in your timeline!

FrogDrive on the App Store on iTunes

Adding a Notice to the FrogLearn Timeline

Bett 2014 Learn Live Session - Big Data: School perspectives on what, how and why? Schools are swamped with data on a daily basis. Senior leaders and classroom teachers are constantly challenged to make decisions about what information to use and what to discard. Alistair Smith, Frog, and Billy Downie, The Streetly Academy, explore the powerful affect that the efficient use of data can have on the wellbeing and achievement of each and every student.

St Augustine Academy - FROGOS - Assignments Part 2. Part 2 of the Assignment tutorial - Marking Assignments for the SAA FROG OS platform.

St Augustine Academy FROG Os - Getting Started Video 1. This is a quick video to guide you through accessing the new FROG OS platform via Frog 3 old link on the internet.

prezi in FrogLearn - quick and dirty

FrogOS – The School Dashboard. So it has reached the point where we are launching FrogOS to students at the Streetly Academy. Here is our first design of the school dashboard – a lot of content at this stage is embedded from Frog3.

Frog VLE SIMS Linked Documents.This will allow parents to access their child’s SIMS linked documents from within Frog. The objective of the project was to export the linked documents held against a child in SIMS, to allow the parent to view the documents from within your school’s Frog Parental Engagement Portal.

Frog VLE: SIMS: Assessment Import. In order to get the correct desired data form SIMS into Frog there are numerous factors to consider along with ensuring your data is in the correct format for Frog to recognise. Please find below a link to the guide for setting up your SIMS assessment data. Please be aware that this guide covers some of what is written on this Wiki page.

Frog VLE SIMS: Import Process Overview. To summarise, using the SIMS Extractor tool will allow you to configure what data you wish to bring over into Frog from SIMS. You will then require setting up a scheduled task within Windows to run this task when desired. Within the toolkit you then need to set at what time and days the import of data from the XML file will occur. Please continue reading the SIMS wiki articles to find out more about these areas in detail.

Frog3 Community Knowledgebase. Frog has a lot of features to understand and master so the knowledgebase is here to help. Detailed descriptions about the pages, the Widgets and other options and features are all included here. Images are available and some are interactive. Some small but detailed images are clickable and will open a larger version. (Frog VLE login required)

Frog 13 Technical Workshop - Teaching and Learning with FrogOS. Phil Timmons

FrogOS Themes. Learn how to build an effective, robust and usable Theme for FrogOS. FrogOS Themes are a collection of files that work together to create design and functionality for a site. Each Theme may be different, offering many choices for site owners to instantly change the look of their website. Download the base Boilerplate files to get started.

FrogOS Guide. Learn how to design and build content for FrogOS. Welcome to the Frog UI Guide. This guide has been created by Frog to give you an idea of how to design and build Apps and Widgets. There are certain guidelines to follow when it comes to layout, text sizes, language etc. Hopefully, these guidelines will set you on the right path.

Frog 13 - FrogOS - the journey begins. For those wanting to learn how to use FrogOS. Our FrogOS champion schools will share their initial experience of using our latest product. Perfect for new users, or those thinking of switching to FrogOS, this workshop will teach you the tools and skills you need to get started.

Frog 13 - Keynote speeches

Frog 13 - Workshops and talks

Frog 13 How to build a FrogOS Theme FrogOS Advanced Web Presentation

Frog 13 Celebrating Outstanding Education FrogOS Advanced Web Presentation