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I feel this way when we get on a road with a ton of stop lights and we end up catching them ALL! Our rig is like a semi and starting from a dead stop takes a bit of time to get up to speed but it's all good cause . . . we're going CAMPING! :D

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Surrender your heart to Me, I will protect it with My love...Psalm 52:1 Our hearts were meant to rest in his hands and no one else. Love Him more then any.

THE ONLY REAL FAITH WITH THE PROMISES OF CHRIST is the one BASED ON HIS DYING FOR OUR SINS: "I learn from the Scriptures that repentance is just as necessary to salvation as faith is, and the faith that has not repentance going with it will have to be repented of." ~ Charles Spurgeon

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Truth. I've let go quite a few "friends" b/c I couldn't handle the drama and negativity anymore!