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Pullip Style

Pullip Style

U.S. seller of Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, and other Groove products!

O-817 - Oct 2013 Happiness Chiffon Dress OUTFIT Set $32.95 outfit set

Make it your own Isul $35.00

Make it your own Dal $35.00

Make it your own Taeyang $35.00

All 4 Together! Pullip, Isul, Taeyang, Dal

P-034 April 2011 - Pullip Vocaloid Hatsune Miku

RE-817 July 2012 - Pullip Regeneration Paja - $119.95

P-016 July 2010 - Pullip Tiphona: $119.95

Regeneration Noir: $129.95

Coney Island Outfit Set $45

Pullip Santorini Outfit Set $45

J-Doll Karl Johans Gate $95: - The most pale skin on any J-Doll ever!! - Emerald Green eyes and orange lips eventuates her fair skin - Gorgeous dress with plenty of lace

J-Doll Via Appia $95: - Stylish style that is fearless and elegant at the same time - Her Black curled hair and sharp eye makeup give a cool impression - Sexy lace-up long boots and fishnet tights

J-Doll Stephen Avenue Walk $95: A street in Calgary, Canada, Known as Calgary’s Shopping heaven, There is a street with retail stores that covers 5 blocks. Located at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, it’s surrounded by beautiful nature.

J-Doll Piazza Cavalli $95: - Jacket in the 2011 trendy color, Pumpkin Red (Vivid Orange) - Clean and gorgeous makeup base. - Pink lip color with a hint of pearls and blue tone makeup compliment her skin tone

J-Doll Aiguo East Road $95 - Pure White Wedding dress appropriate for June Wedding and a remarkable serene look. - Dress with a beautiful silhouette and line.

J-Doll Nerudova ulice $95 A charming street in Prague named after the 19th century Czech writer and poet, Jan Neruda. A street with many houses built in the medieval style. Famous for the various house signs on the buildings still standing today.

Dal Chibi Risa Rock version $114.95 - Make-up, hair and entire outfit has been designed by Ms. Risa Hirako - Cool-Looking Vintage Rock Style - T-Shirt is designed by Risa Hirako exclusively for her original brand, Three Unicorns that has been re-sized for DAL!! - With plenty of fashion accessories, you can dress her in different styles. - A mole beside her eye and sexy lips... she's truly mini-Risa!! - Collaboration with the NO.1 Fashion Magazine 『SWEET』(at Japan Market).

Pullip Clarity $89.95 - April Pullip loves shopping very much. She is a celeb well-off girl! - April Pullip comes with elegant hat and blouse. - She has firm eyebrows and her blond hair is so sexy!! - Her skirt and see-through shorts and so neat and beautiful!! - She has a beautiful blouse to appeal her beautiful body shape.

Taeyang Sebastian $140: Taeyang is based off the character Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) a manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso.

Pullip Nella ALICE and the PIRATES $114.95 ・The doll produced by fashion magazine, ''Gothic & Lolita Bible'' has finally arrived. ・Based on the concept, ''Gothic & Lolita, travel on the galactic railroad''. ・Manga Artist, Mitsukazu Mitsuhara drew and designed JOHAN(Isul) clothes, and the clothes NELLA(Pullip) is wearing are from a popular lolita apparel brand 'BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT'''s sister brand designed by 'ALICE and the PIRATES''!!!!

Pullip Adsiltia H.NAOTO $108 Darkness and Brilliance!!! There is a harmony of brilliance and darkness which is attracting myself. I am listening the sound of the "ebony" falling rain with my memory of groggy slumber .... Feel like so.

Dal Angry H.NAOTO $100 Angry is a fashion collaboration release with fashion designer h.Naoto.

Dal Hangry H.NAOTO $100 Hangry is a fashion collaboration release with fashion designer h.Naoto. Hangry is wearing the same dress design as one of the full size outfits that were released for their clothing catalog.