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Holidays: Thanksgiving Feasts and Festivities

I *guess* we could do something besides eat on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey- Holiday Subtraction math practice Free Coloring Worksheet

My version of the Pottery Barn pilgrim boats. A fun activity for the kids! I will use them to decorate the thanksgiving table.

George Washington's original Thanksgiving Proclamation

  • Kristina Steffen

    We just watched something on the history channel last night about how Thanksgiving became a national holiday. Pretty cool stuff.

  • Julie Finn

    Ooh, we need to watch that one! We've seen the one on Halloween, and I think the one on Christmas, even.

Plimoth Plantation and Wampanoag coloring pages

Coloring Pictures | Plimoth Plantation

directions and templates for making a fox and geese game, which the Pilgrims played

tutorial for painting Pilgrim and Indian peg dolls, and constructing a twig and fabric teepee (because a wetu is too hard!)

Stone Soup Wooden Playset - Rhythm of the Home

Thanksgiving Book of Thanks - every year, pass the book around at Thanksgiving and have your holiday guests write what they are thankful for that year. Snap a group pic to include and keep for years and years! You can also add scrapbook embellishments to the page(s) after the fact.