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printable templates for cutting and folding 3D paper hearts

valentine mailbox from cereal boxes tutorial

I've printed about 15 of these coloring sheets because my kids love decorating the tree in different ways (with crayons, colored pencils, even paint!)

Sewn Valentines ~ Simple sewing skills required, but easiest enough for kids to do.

Make your own handmade Valentine books, to give in place of the usual Valentine card. Great idea for kids or a special loved one.

how to hand-make paper, then turn it into valentines

recycled handmade valentines

sewn and embroidered wool felt envelopes

Decorate some rocks with lovely little painted hearts like Color Me Katie and leave them around the world to brighten people’s days!

heartbreaker valentines--print them on white paper so the kids can color them, then staple around the edges, fill with candy, staple the opening shut, and put in the Valentine mailbox! The little recipients will have to teeeaaaar up the heart to get at the candy--how fun!

Valentine BINGO--free downloadable printable of the Valentine's Day-themed BINGO game, including call pieces