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Homeschool Math: Geometry

Math is shapely.

46 Pins

Make polyhedra from Magic cards.

WONDERFUL demonstration and extensions of the decanomial square

Explorations sensorielles magiques - La Semaine Montessori

hexagon cookies--these would be very fun to dye and tessellate

Honeycomb Sugar Cookies - A Beautiful Mess

Make a three-dimensional paper pyramid.

excellent geometry lessons and activities using Montessori materials

compass painting--fun way to familiarize yourself with how to work a compass

Island Conquer game freebie for practicing area and perimeter

Turn the multiplication table into spirolateral designs--pattern recognition, fact review, calculation, fine motor skills.

decorate a geometric net as a 2D design, then fold it to make the 3D shape

Pi Day banner

printable templates for cutting and folding 3D paper hearts

Math Fun: Geometric printables (free) for use with the geoboard for kindergarten and early elementary ages.

10 formes en tangram maternelle carré et triangle

Composing 2D Shapes - Free Center Cards!

dice game to practice area

Zome tool lesson plans

instructions for all the Zome tools sets

Modeling lines and angles using toothpicks... Students describe each in an index card glued to the back

Use mini dowel sticks to make cubes for hands-on math. You can also use toothpicks with marshmallows, and straws with pipe cleaners.

Use these pattern block shape cards on a bulletin board or as flashcards. These are great to use as you introduce each shape. They also can be po...

Pattern block snowflakes

Artwork published by Annie311

Distributive property using pattern blocks--for reteaching in centers???

Measuring pattern blocks with Cuisenaire rods

covered our easel with contact paper and secured it with duct tape. I then put cups of pattern blocks on one side and cups of colored yarn on the other. The children have been exploring creating art on the sticky surfaces.