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Jo Kell

Jo Kell

Mama/Veuve Clicquot QA Engineer/devotee of Dame Marjorie Chardin's teachings/still in Love after 24 years/thriving on a Vegan diet for 20 years/Charmed Life

Gluten-free vegan chocolate sorbet recipe

Watch Monty Python Sing Their Last Song Ever at Final Reunion Show

Pretty Green Pesto Recipe (use vegan parmesan)

Pasta and White Beans with Broccoli Pesto Recipe (use vegan parmesan)

Pea and Parsley Pesto with Linguine Recipe (use vegan parmesan)

Fettuccine with Parsley Pesto and Walnuts Recipe (use vegan parmesan)

Raw Vegan Blueberry Vanilla Swirl Pudding

Raw Cacao-Coconut Spread: Like "Cacao Bliss"

Chickpea Quinoa Cakes with Lemon Avocado Dip

Fill cinder blocks with a creeping ground cover like thyme which smells so good when walked on.

Cyndi Lauper

What are you grateful for??

Wouldn’t it be nice to communicate directly with the other members of your party without having to rely on shaky cell service or WiFi?

This poster was on the wall at my hippie elementary school in the 70s. :)