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Jorge Purgly

Jorge Purgly


Question 1: Did watching this video change your mind about the 911 World Trade Center terrorist attacks?

  • Manuela Tosi

    Chi può dimenticare!

  • Manuela Tosi

    Una brutta parentesi della storia contemporanea.

  • Luis Jimenez

    change my mind?i have always known that it was the Saudis who did it.with help from traitors from multiple alphabet soup agencies.they landed here in La where they where picked up by American government agent and then went to arizona to start the training.they where well recommended and connected w traitors who empowered them enabled them to carry out the hits,explosives where also placed on beams and trusses in the buildings.the report they fed u goonei=ys was a pile of what u like shit the way u American love to hear/fear-just as was the sensational bullshit o.told you of how he saved u for

  • Luis Jimenez

    voting for him,remember he told a story full of holes,how he killed some elderly desert dweller who according to him was bin Ladin,the 011 culprit,how dramatic it was,but couldn't show u evidence cause he dumped hid dead ass in the ocean in respect of his religion or som bull, Yea ooo,,k...if any a u purchase some great beach front land from me in new Mexico,u will be closer to the ocean than that story is to the truth d if u could see what Stevie wonder can see,the Saudis did it.bush told u.truth2bin10yrs..then u will see am telling u the truth but by the time the feds tell u what really happened ,,you folks will have forgotten,,,so b it i cant make u see the light if u are happy being stupid and ignorant,maybe better that way if u do not poses mental skills needed for comprehension beyond Saturday

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