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Lisbeth Rodriguez

Lisbeth Rodriguez

Family.My baby girl.Fitness.Andventures. Is what matters to me.

Nautical arm tattoo. Compass. Waves. Pink flower. Ships wheel. Sea.

Stunning owl drawing, about to be tattooed. Via

The owl is known to be a symbol of intelligence, one who is quiet but strong, and good at reading people, this is perfect for me. Want.

my own owl rendition. I would love to make it into a tattoo.

35 Most Amazing Nautical Tattoo Designs

i know i want to grow my hair out longer but seeing this makes me want to keep it short! what to do what to do..

Steps: 1) Outline the bottom with eyebrow pencil. 2) Outline the top. 3) Fill in leaving a little bit blank. 4) Using an angled brush fill in with brown eyeshadow. 5) Remove excess of product on your brush and brushing upwards gently fill in the blank spot for a “natural look” 6) Using a concealer brush clean the edges with a little bit of concealer. 7) Blend in the concealer and you’re done!

DIY Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial, nicely done i may add not many can pull this off

THE SEVEN DAY FAT LOSS DIET PLAN. Need to speed this up so this week I'm on this meal plan.

Sexy little mermaid Ariel pinup sketch ink tattoo idea

Sexy little mermaid Ariel pinup sketch ink tattoo idea

Because no matter how my mermaid tattoo turns out....I'm still getting a fucking Little Mermaid tattoo, in the end.

chicken pot pie fluff ... I would like to put my own chicken pot pie recipe into these little fluffs so cute! Personal pot pie! Will b great for Benton to bring to work!

Seriously the world's best coconut cream pie recipe ever. Not stringy, not too sweet, real coconut flavor from coconut milk and unsweetened coconut

anchor and clock tattoo draw

Authentic Mexican Recipe Pan Dulce Mexican Bread. | Mexican Goods

Authentic New Mexican Sopaipillas (So-pa-pe-ya). I alwasy bite off the corner and drizzle honey inside!

Authentic Mexican Horchata! ⅓ cup uncooked, long-grain white rice, 1 cup almonds, 1 cinnamon stick, 5 cups water, divided (3 cups hot, 2 cups cold) ½ cup concentrated simple syrup (2 parts sugar, 1 part water) #MyVeganJournal