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Creative Counseling/Therapy Ideas

5 Relationship Secrets for Emotionally Empathic Souls

5 Relationship Secrets for Emotionally Empathic Souls

Listening is one of the most used and one of the most important communication skills in personal, academic, and professional settings alike, in fact studies indicate that listening accounts for as much as 55% of our time. The question is, how much of the listening that is going on would you actually describe as effective listening?

Effective Listening

Frustrated Choice Board- This is a choice board for students who have the tendency to display inappropriate behaviors when they are frustrated. this would be helpful to have accessible to students when they begin to escalate. It's great for students who are verbal or non-verbal, as the visual cue helps them to make a better decision.

Boardmaker Online

Recognizing Irrational Negative Thinking from @bodycrusader #CBT #paradigmshift

A Girl Called Felicity: 5 Ways to challenge negative thinking

Virginia Satir's models of functioning seem so universal. She is so brilliant!

Healing from BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder: Make Your Own Self Soothing Kit (DBT - Self Soothe)