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Beat the commuter cravings. Commuting by bike to and from work is a great way to increase your weekly mileage while saving you money and providing a less stressful way to travel through the rush hour. But if you want to feel focused and full of energy throughout the day and on your return, you need to get your fuelling right. Choose the right foods and you can watch the mid-morning munchies and grogginess after your ride disappear and be raring to get back on the bike for your ride home.

Transport minister pledges more cash for cycling. DfT to pump extra 64million into UK cycling, announces transport minister Norman Baker.

Cycle corridors will give riders safe haven from other traffic. Cycle lanes segregated from motor traffic are being planned and built around the country as Britain seeks to extend the Olympics-inspired cycling boom. Proposed schemes in London, Brighton and Southampton have been welcomed as a sign that councils are beginning to appreciate the economic and health benefits of encouraging cycling.

This kind of cycle track and bus stop design is commonplace in the Netherlands, and has been shown to remove conflict between cyclists and buses.

Industry and advocacy: together we're stronger. "If we fail to unite, the global car industry will continue to dominate the attention of politicians," argues Kevin Mayne of ECF.

Court verdict an insult, says father of Mary Bowers seriously hurt by lorry .

How Boris plans to dig deep for the cycling revolution. Boris Johnson plans to treble spending on cycle infrastructure to almost 1 billion over the next decade, making good his promise to unleash a “cycling revolution” on London. The details of the investment will be set out in Transport for London’s new business plan, which will be published on Tuesday and voted on by the transport body’s board on December 12.

Boris Johnson urged to double spending on cyclists. The London Assembly has urged Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, to double cycle infrastructure funding to reverse the rising casualty toll.

ARE YOU SINGLE OR FIXED? You've probably seen them around. Bicycles pared down to the bare minimum – often no brakes, always no gears. "Fixies" – fixed gear and single speed bikes – are more popular now than they have been for decades. Their origins are twofold; drawing inspiration partly from single-geared, brakeless track bikes, as ridden by Hoy and co. at this year's Olympics, and partly from the stripped-down, low-maintenance machines favoured by cycle couriers the world over.

Cycling is the Cinderella service of transport policy. At the moment, 7 per cent of European citizens use bicycles as their main mode of transport but cycling receives only 0.7 per cent of EU funding available for transport - writes campaigner.

Wiggins crash highlights the need for radical steps to improve safety for all cyclists. Collisions involving two of the UK’s most famous sporting cyclists have highlighted the need for greater protection for people who cycle on our streets every day. 2012 Tour de France winner and Olympic time trial champion Bradley Wiggins was knocked off his bike during a training ride in Lancashire on Wednesday by a woman driving van who pulled out of a petrol station into his path.

Welcome to the age of the bike: cyclists ‘must be first’ as car use passes its peak. Years of falling traffic volumes suggest that car use has passed its peak and may have entered a long era of decline, a growing body of officials from the Department for Transport and London’s City Hall believe.

Use existing taxes to invest in safer cycling, say readers. Use existing taxes to invest in safer cycling, say readers.

Is Berlin the safest city to be a cyclist? Berlin is enjoying a cycling boom, with miles of new cycle paths and more than half a million bike journeys made every day - but controverisally, a helmet is rarely seen. The Berlin bureau of the BBC is debating whether to buy a bike-trailer to carry around our recording gear. Since I am one half of the Berlin bureau of the BBC, what I mean is that I and the producer are debating which sort of trailer to buy.