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Puja Lalwani

Puja Lalwani

A lover of color and all things beautiful, with an interest in creating beautiful (and delicious) things as well!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 94 Pics

2.40ct Black Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Black Gold.. Oh so pretty.

Right now Moe understands how I feel about the internet

Don't lie... you read it like he would say it. < I also read the name like Janice would say it.

or "it sounded like Mozart but with a lot more German 6ths"

Hahah :) Acute tea pi

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are amazing

Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy (Calligraphy I) - Skillshare

Twitter / GeorgeTakei: Meanwhile, in Japan... ...

The creator of this chart is the artist Cate Edwards. As Anna Funder (author of 'All that i am) says. Finding your creativity is like approaching a cat in a room, you have to let the cat come to you. The main thing is that you have to be in the room.

Coffee Canvas Art could bea good art in the kitchen. Can be done with charcoal pencil n powder

INTROVERTS UNITE - We're Here - We're Uncomfortable And We Want To Go Home - Funny T Shirt For Shy People