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Harry Potter: Tumblr edition.

Harry Potter: Tumblr edition.

Tenzin is Such a Softy

Legend of Korra. Wow, Varrick would say something like that

Hahaha.... XD

When Is It Going To Be The Other Way Round?

The wreath of KHAAAAAAN... hehehe

Twitter / apianoshrine: Made this last night, @wilw ...

We all know what the fox says

We already knew what the fox says…

Its raining on my face..

Harry Potter feels -

SDCC is brilliant. (Firefly) (I saw this guy as we were walking across the street and I just could not stop laughing. True story.)

Twitter / TheAshleyClem: #sdcc is brilliant #firefly ...

Actor, John de Lancie as Q, from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and as the voice of Discord, from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Q is Discord, and Discord is Q

What a Silly Thing to Ask


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He knows this is the moment he loses his daughter forever. I never noticed this part in the movie, but it's so sad for Elrond!


A lot can happen in one song…

Pocket Plumber

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