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Bookswap optional furniture

Like the chairs you feel will go well with in the BookSwap, and of course feel free to share and comment

20 Pins

Bookswap optional furniture

  • 20 Pins

Birch Blocks - Something which tells for visitors what Finland is all about!

No it is not a block of ice-cream :)

colorful and soft - and treat to the eye and those sore muscles :)

Sustainable and in line with nature

We can go with a more book-discussion type thing with this one :)

  • Mika Kangas

    I like this Table! Something "rough" and not so clean design. Exactly what finnish nature is all about.

In this one you will really feel important :)

A more serious look

Going for a modern look here :)

Doesn't this one just scream: ''Take a seat and relax?''

Again simpler yet would allow for more people to sit around for a bit

Extravagant, it almost invites you to drink tea from a porcelain cup on it

In this one you can really ''sink in'' and enjoy your reading

VIP chair? :)

Simpler yet more of these will allow more enthusiasts to browse through the books

This one is going for a more modern library style

Suitable for reading serious novels

Very modern and equally cosy

What do you reckon this could be used for? :)

Is it a log, is it a place to put your tea while you read? :)

A soft armchair for in-depth reading. Suitable for detective novels

  • Inka Leisma

    One has to be able to lean back and relax, if only for a moment.