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Products I Love

Clear plastic shower curtain rings to hang scarves

It sends messages to your phone, reminds you when to drink, and keeps a record of your hydration levels. Yes I need this lol.....

LULL lighting system - During the day, the petals will open up with light shining at full brightness, but when your tiny tots head off to bed at night, these very same petals will start to close resulting in a dimming light.

RelaxStyle Lamp puts you under the sea. Ok. Maybe its just me. but this would stress me out. It has anxiety attack written all over it. I immediately think ocean...fear...death...not relaxing at all.

Smart Measure Takes The Measuring Cup Into The 21st Century | OhGizmo! Now this is convenient!

The Cordless Electrotherapy Pain Reliever - Hammacher Schlemmer This looks like something my husband and daughter could use.

Bed Head Deep Waver - Love this stuff! Creates really pretty beachy waves. I have fine straight hair, but my curl stays all day and the next day, even without hair spray.