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6 ways to blow dry your hair.. need to learn how to do this

I'm a hairdresser and these are really good tips and tricks...29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Little Girls Hairstyle Tutorial by Measured by the Heart

The Secret to Keep Your Sharpie Manicure from Smearing

How To Make An Anti-Frizz Hair Mist

Yikes. I'm not too wild about the ribbony bow bun thing, but the Celticesque knots are pretty awesome. :)

lessons from the pros: big, messy waves

messy bun tricks: I need these!

When doing your nails, use Elmer's glue around your nail, let it dry, go crazy with paint, and then peel off the glue. WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?!

For your wedding day?? This is what the Disney Princesses use to set their makeup after applying. Even if you sweat, hug, or rub, your makeup will stay in place and your face won't be shiny. You can't see or feel it either once it's dried, but this stuff is legit!

40 ways to do shoulder-length hair. pin now, read later. A lot of it could work for long hair as well.

Punch holes in masking tape and paint over it on your nails! So simple!!

TONS of nail polish tricks...totally need this!!!

Pin now, read later -- A list of drugstore make-ups that are duplicates of department store brands.. pretty much the greatest pin on the planet