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Fiber Artist |Associate Professor of Architecture | Architect | Etsy shop: My book: Art Quilt

Make vector portraits from photos - Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorial - Digital Arts

Did you know that you can have your photos printed as a massive 3x4-foot photo for just $5 at Staples? It's called an "engineering print"

Tea Houses / Swatt | Miers Architects

This is a simple collection about some of the more common fabrics. Feather's Flights {a creative, sewing blog}: Sewing101 - Fabric and Fiber Types

Interactive printing Book “O Vimaranense Errante” - Atelier Martino & Jana

Horse (Illustration) by Eren Saracevic

fashion — Designspiration

Ilze Aviks | "Density Exercises" 2005 | Cotton thread and ink on linen | Photo: Ilze Aviks

kantha, a traditional form of handwork from rural India and Bangladesh that encompass a wide range of designs that use only the running stit...

processingmatter: World Centre for Human Concerns (3d print) by Ocean Design Research Association

site plan

Starke Kreativität, hohe Qualität und eine authentische Philosophie. Mit ihren außergewöhnlichen, von der Tierwelt inspirierten Fashion- und Home-Textiles-Kreationen zählt Nanna van Blaaderen zu den vielversprechendsten Design-Avantgardistinnen der Niederlande.

Basquiat (1996) Julian Schnabel

Curved Fold Study by Prof. YM,

Slave ports in West Africa in 1750 are shown, identifying those held by the British, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Danish. Gorée Island, the slave trading port opposite Dakar, Senegal, is only three kilometers from the coast and cannot be seen on this map. In addition to these ports were slave trading locations on the east side of Africa, at Mozambique, Zanzibar, and Madagascar.

Jakob Timpe's Stand table slots together without glue or fixings