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Duck Dynasty Quotes

A&E make a big hit by launching a great reality TV show. I am going to give you a big page on Duck Dynasty Quotes and funny sayings of Jessica Robertson, Uncle Si, Jase Robertson fun moments, Jep Robertson, Phil Robertson.

“You just wanna say, ‘Hey, Little Johnny, don’t do that,’ but it’s my Uncle Si!”

“I’m like a Arethra Franklin. Don’t get any R-S-P-E-C-T ‘round this joint!”

“He’s like a snake in the grass. Hey, if you chop it’s head off, it’ll still bite ya!” - Si

“Mom & Dad, I love this house too. We can keep it, just don’t live in it!” -Willie

“Hey, I don’t have to be an idiot, I just wanted to know what the party was about!”-Si

Hey I’d be playin in the NBA if it weren’t for my trick knee.Hey I’d slam it in yo face and yo momma’s face,Jack.- Si

Si Robertson - Duck Dynasty try to fly flies

"Redneckcolepsy, It's like narcolepsy except it's only when you fall asleep at work." -Willie

Hey I'd be playin in the NBA if it weren't for my trick knee.Hey I'd slam it in yo face and yo momma's face,Jack.- Si

"Hey, I'm telling you we can't fix this. You can't fix stupid." -Si

"Mom & Dad, I love this house too. We can keep it, just don't live in it!" -Willie

"Hey, I know I broke the sword, but hey, Jase put it in my back. Good-ness." - Si

"I'm like a Arethra Franklin. Don't get any R-S-P-E-C-T 'round this joint!"

You just wanna say, 'Hey, Little Johnny, don't do that,' but it's my Uncle Si!

I'm dreamin bout beavers hey give me 15 more minutes - Si Robertson

Rooney thinks Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty are on the same level. What do you think?

who watches moonshiners of duck dynasty?

Grr I missed Duck Dynasty last night! I fell asleep

What television or movie do you and your husband most like to watch together?

In case you missed the Robertson Christmas can now view it online!! Check it out here.

The Robertson family and bad ideas go together like biscuits and jam. — Willie