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Beautiful - Forgotten

Forgotten, abandoned and left behind. Beautiful buildings and rooms that once contained so much more. AS WE ALL KNOW . . . Sometimes people doctor photos, fake 'em to make 'em better . . . Sometimes we catch it, sometimes we don't, the purpose of the pics on this board are simply to share the beauty captured in each shot. Mickey Mouse makes us all smile right? We all know he's had some work done :o)

Abandoned Buildings by Matthias Haker | Cruzine

Upstate New York abandoned cathedral

Abandoned Mansion

Skyfall by Matthias Haker | 500px

Whittingham Asylum, once the largest asylum for the insane in England

Children's Ward West Park Asylum, UK

deviantART: More Like Golden Steps by Matthias-Haker

Interior, original second floor staircase of what was once known as the NYC Lunatic Asylum. The facility opened in 1839 and closed in 1894. After several decades of neglect, one still-standing portion of the facility was restored to its former glory.