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8/14-Kate, Will, Pippa, Nico, Michael, and Carol ate at The Pot Kiln- three miles from the Middleton home in Berkshire.

how to style a dessert table! all purple desserts here!

provide a vase at each bridesmaid seat with a little water so they can "post" their bouquets for the reception - it keeps them fresh, gets them out of the way and makes for a very pretty picture!

  • torrie asai

    this is a good idea - our florist did that for ours. a little water in a vase with just the bases of the stems covered to keep them fresh! yes, plus it's perrty :)

first time #calligraphy "job" addressing envelopes for a very special couple getting married ;) #mpluscwedding // to accompany @Brittany Bosworth invites and inspired by @AngeliqueInk on @Etsy

  • Caitlin M

    HAHAHAH. this is what i ALWAYS ask mark before we leave the house!!!

  • torrie asai

    so funny!! i think mark does, too! does he?? i think we need to get this for him if he does! OR DAD!!!!! that'd be hilarious!! we actually owe him a gift since we took back that case that he never used. if you had an iphone, i'd SO get this for you :)

  • torrie asai

    oh just said you ask MARK! haha i read that as you ask yourself.. ooops! YOU SHOULD GET IT FOR HIM!! haha

finale completed in illustrator // mother teresa quote // weight is still not completely uniform across all words, but illustrator is hard (first time user!).

  • Carmen

    love it! plz dont stop what you're doing! ;)

  • torrie asai

    aw! thanks, @Carmen! that's so nice of you to say!! haha :) on a separate note, as for as illustrator goes, haven't touched it since the skillshare class where i created this piece. only because my trial period ran out and illustrator is SO expensive! and takes lots of time to learn! took me hours to get all the lines straight on this one! do you use it? if so, do you use a pen/tablet or a mouse to make anchor points?

  • Carmen

    No, I haven't used illustrator, and I can imagine how hard it is. I don't even know what anchor points are lol. Never taken a calligraphy class but maybe some day :). I've always been fascinated about beautiful penmanship. The only thing I possess at the moment is a few different styles of handwriting. My penmanship is always different cuz I love to play around with it, but that's it. I have no idea how to use it in softwares, etc.. hopefully I can learn some day :)

pangram no.1: 52 letters // by torrie t. asai

"Delicious" lettering

Wedding Calligraphy Envelope AddressingThe by AbigailTCalligraphy, $2.00