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rustic garden path. I think I may use the old boards we're replacing on the deck to do something like this between our raised beds.

flatten a banana peel and bury it under one inch of soil at the base of a rosebush. The peel’s potassium feeds the plant and helps it resist disease. Consider it a nutritional boost for you and your buds

5 Easy Steps to Composting I'm ready to get started! Plus, who doesn't love recycling kitchen scraps into garden gold?

How much to plant, vegetable garden, Martha Stewart

Natural Weed Killer 1 gallon vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, dash of dish washing detergent (makes it stick to the weeds). Mix well, spray on weeds in the morning, rejoice in their death that evening. This works best on a sunny day.

Peppers Growing Nicely. If you click this photo you'll find 101 Gardening Secrets that the experts never told you. All kinds of great vegetable garden information. Just click the photo.

Tomato planting tips....aspirin and crushed egg shell

Ten mistakes herb gardeners make - I aspire not to make them!

In the Glow...from Galveston Island Tourism on Facebook

Spring Rolls with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Backyard flower gardens. Love the rock border.