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nature scavenger hunt. Maddy and I are so doing this!!!!

The family that plays together, stays together :) How fun would this be after work one day!?! Attack Daddy with Marshmallows! ...other ideas???

glow in the dark bowling. How fun for camping or the backyard!

Sock bubbles...I just tested this and it took 3 mins to make & is soooo cool. The kids are gonna love it!

Free Activity Friday - Create a backyard obstacle course! There are a ton of toys from around the house you can use to keep it exciting. A scooter, tricycle, or bicycle, a tunnel, hula hoops, balls, ring toss, basketball goal, and much much more. Get creative and time the finishes for some competitive family fun! (Each Friday Social Rugrats shares an activity that you can do over the weekend, as a FAMILY, for FREE! Families that play together stay together!)

attic converted to year round "camp" indoors - that's my kind of camping!!

Every kid has a little mad scientist hiding inside of them, and nothing is more fun than spending a little time dreaming up mixtures that bubble and steam and overflow! Here are 10 crazy concoctions you can whip up at home to satisfy their need to explore and create.

Soap Clouds anyone? Microwave a bar of Ivory soap while your little one watches in amazement as it turns into a huge "cloud." Then, break the cloud to pieces, and help them make their own new soap. A fun activity for parents and little ones to do together!