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Blends and Digraphs Chart

I've Got Class: Food For Thought

Phonics Spinner Games cover short, long and r-controlled vowels. Also includes spinners for blends, digraphs and diphthongs.

Phonics Spinner Games

The Lesson Plan Diva: Phonics Rules Made Easy and a FREEBIE!

Phonics Rules Made Easy and a FREEBIE!

When two vowels go walkin' the first one does the talkin'! It says it's name! I made these out of some tiki party cups I found at the Dollar Tree. :)

Connect 4 word work game..Plus Free (ai) and (ay) valentine word cards to go with the game

Ow! That hurts! (-ow words)

Fabulous Firsties: Ouchie....Ow......Ouch That Hurts!

OW Jennifer of the Jungle - Ow sound like how and now

Your students will have a great time helping Cowboy Roy read the oi and oy words to get back to his ranch. Students roll the dice and read the wor...

The Sounds of ed (Freebie Posters)

What the Teacher Wants!: Common Core and You {Part 4}

FREE Download - Suffix Houses - a learning station activity for students to practice determining the meaning of words with suffixes

Pitner's Potpourri: Suffix Houses -- Double Freebie!

Fabulous in First: PRO-crastination

igh, i, i_e or y

The Inspired Apple: Long Vowel Poems

Freebie! Singular and Plural

The Lesson Plan Diva