Stepping Into Story Structure! An AMAZING interactive tool that engaes students in retelling & summarizing a story by walking the story structure path!!!

For a big birthday - letters from family and friends retelling memories.

Good idea for story retelling- put story pieces onto clothespins

Mrs. Drakes room - oct and pumpkins

Fantastic idea for story telling and sequencing. Also great for retelling a favorite story - Love this!

Caps For Sale! Felt caps to go along with the story. It makes of a great re-telling for the children!

Easy way to support retelling in a written format. I like this anchor chart.

Mrs. Bushong's Second Grade: nonfiction

Retelling anchor chart....borrowed basic idea from a repin and tweaked it to meet my classroom needs.

Retelling Center The Retelling Center is a place where students practice retelling familiar stories using scanned pictures. Retelling is done using a pocket charts, a flannel board, a magnetic board, and even a puppet theater. Retelling a story increases a student's depth of comprehension. Students are encourages to use transition words like first, next, then, and finally when retelling the stories.

Lots of retelling story props near the end of the page

use with reading groups - retelling, main ideas etc

retelling using scanned pictures from a familiar text - Pancakes for Breakfast

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