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the living resume

An ongoing collection of decidedly cool things I've done in my career, side gigs, and other projects.

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Named as one of "The 35 Best Personal Websites We've Ever Seen" via @The Muse (August 2014)

The 35 Best Personal Websites We've Ever Seen

Featured in @The Muse's "How These 5 People Landed Dream Jobs in Marketing" (July 2014)

How These 5 People Landed Dream Jobs in Marketing
  • Tony Adams

    It's a fabulous article. I'm so glad I stumbled on it and then found your Board. Love it!

Interviewed on @The IdeaLists: "Justify Your Existence: What Does a Community Manager Do?" (May 2014)

Justify Your Existence: What Does a Community Manager Do?

This board featured on The Freelance Strategist by @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy Clay (August 2014)

Updated Resume (March 2014)

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This board featured in @Mashable's "How to Hunt for a Job Using Social Media" (March 2014)

How to Hunt for a Job Using Social Media

Included in @Social Fresh's "Top 43 Social Media Career Moves of 2013"

Top 43 Social Media Career Moves of 2013

Featured on for my personal brand: "3 Strategies to Transition From Day Job to Dream Job" (Sept. 2013)

The Social Citizen Economy - SMCSFO Panel Discussion (Co-panelist for Sidecar with Taskrabbit, Peers, Couchsurfing and Edelman, August 2013)

My presentation from Marketing Camp SF: "Professionally Social - How to Market Your Way to Your DREAM Job" via Slideshare (March 2013)

Professionally Social - Marketing Camp SF 2013

Led one of the most popular sessions of the day at Marketing Camp SF (March 2013)

Interviewed for @Mashable's article, "10 Qualities of an Effective Community Manager" (January 2012)

10 Qualities of an Effective Community Manager

Featured on @Adobe blog: "Landing a #DreamJob Through Social Media" (December 2012)

This board featured in @Mashable's article "4 Reasons Why Recruiters Should Stop Accepting Traditional Resumes" (July 2012)

4 Reasons Recruiters Should Stop Accepting Traditional Resumes

Recap of panel I spoke on: "AU’s Social Media Club held its second annual Social Learning Summit March 30-31" (April 2012)

Featured in USA TODAY College: "3 ways Pinterest can help land you a job" (May 2012)

3 ways Pinterest can help land you a job

This board was featured in CNN's article: "Are Social Media Making the Resume Obsolete?" (July 2012)

Are social media making the resume obsolete?

Featured/interviewed on Vocus' blog for my Pinterest resume board (June 2012)

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Featured on Onward Search's blog: how to create a digital resume on Pinterest

Building A Graphic Design Portfolio With Pinterest

Presentation on personal branding to the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (March 2012)

Spoke on the "Personal Branding" panel at #SLS12. Best panel I've ever been on.

Every time you repin this, a kitten gets its unicorn. #resume #socialmedia (Click for PDF)

  • André Darmanin

    I'm loving the layout of your resume. Mind if I use it too or a reasonable facsimile? LOL

  • Susan Frechette

    This is so SMART.

  • Linda Rodriguez

    Rachel--as a Boomer I find this hard to locate the one thing that I want, your resume. All the rest is nice, but distracting until I have you resume, and your contact information. While I agree that this is very "smart" it's not useful for the manager who still has only 1-2 minutes to decide to keep someone in the hiring process. On the flip side, since I only care about hiring a PhD with a CPA right now, if I were looking for creative use of information in social media, you'd stay on the list...once I found the resume. The other thing that is so frustrating about social media as a channel is that there are so many outlets. How does one on the job market choose? Anyhow, I digress. I do like your site overall. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rachael King

    Hi @Linda Rodriguez. Thanks for the feedback! This isn't meant to be a resume specifically, it's more of a portfolio or bookmarking of everything worth knowing about me (were someone interested) around the interwebs. My website is listed in my profile, which has all my contact information as well as a link to my LinkedIn profile, which houses both my work experience and a PDF of my resume as well. This Pinterest board is more of a collection of my work, and I would assume a recruiter would go to my website or LinkedIn profile to find my resume/contact info.

  • Karen Paxton

    Rachael, as a recruiter I would be asking you to focus you CV/resume on your achievements, not listing what the job requires you to do. As I often say to my public affairs candidates: 50 people in the same job will all have exactly the same duties. Don't waste precious space in your CV describing the role/s. Just give an outline of what you do -enough to show the reader if you are junior, middle or senior management. The rest of the CV - and the only thing that will separate the 50 people - are the outcomes they produced/achieved (ie their achievements). 50 different peopl will achieve vastly different outcomes given the same challenge and resources. That is what sets you apart from others. If you just list duties with no indication of how well you perform them, you might as well just staple all your job descriptions together. Employers want to know how well you perform a role and how productive you are as an employee and your specific, tangible and measured outcomes do that. Hope that helps explain why some people get interviews from their CVs and others don't.

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