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link to the kids scripture stories. They have them downloadable in text, audio, and video. I used one of the videos in nursery today and it was a hit!

Scripture Stories

Girls Camp Wrap Up! ... can be adapted for teacher appreciation.

Girls Camp Wrap Up! | Over The Big Moon

on of the best young women site I have seen, so amazing, great ideas and new cirriculum lesson ideas

perfect quote for my be loyal to the royal within you lesson for yw's!

YW - Daughter of God week. An envelope a day for each YW that gives them a little more insight on their individual worth. Starts off with a fabulous lesson, ends with a lesson with parents invited and a dinner with all to share their testimonies of how their week was affected. Great idea!

Fascinating article about scripture study, habits, and how our brains can be rewired for gospel learning! Significant!!

How Mary, the mother of Jesus, exhibits all the 8 Young Women Values (This is such a tender insight) could come in handy for my yw around December