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Third Grade Class Ideas

Great idea to motivate students to turn in their homework!

Just Reed: Ten Pin Linky Week Two: Classroom Management


Social Skills: Problem Solving with a Friendship Intervention

Generate your own Chance cards. Homeworkopoly?

Free Homework Pass Message Generator Free Homework

What a nice way to reward positive behavior and communicate with parents about something positive!

The Life of a First Grade Teacher: Achievement Badges

Unfinished Work Tip: Worksheets no longer get lost or forgotten with this attractive solution. Give each student a magnetic clip for her desk and have her attach any unfinished work to her clip. Not only will she know where to find the paper to finish it, but it's easy to estimate how many students need to complete an assignment.

Student Work Tip - The Mailbox

Young Teacher Love: Math and ELA Student Data Tracking Binders and a Freebie

When our children misbehave it can be very frustrating. Step away and take some deep relaxing breathes. Once you are calm then you can approach your child and discuss their conflict. Ask them about how they are feeling and what caused the problem. Most important is that you listen to them, don’t judge and respect their feelings. #parenting #quotes

Filter those thoughts. Say it or keep it in my head.

Behavioral Interventions--For Kids!: Where.Is.My.Mind

table label hangers to print

Rowdy in Room 300: Goodies!

Easy games to play in the classroom at a moments notice. You could use these for sponge activities, get-to-know you games or just creating community within the classroom

Slap! I've ALWAYS loved this game- it NEVER gets old for kids! Call out a word and first person to slap it, adds it to their pile..... vocabulary, sight words, math facts... so many possibilities!

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: My Favorite Pins for the Weekend

Great idea to keep the parents informed about the learning going on in class. Modify for third grade

First Last!

Teaching Social Skills - step-by-step directions on Laura Candler's Teaching Resources website

Teaching Social Skills

Teaching your kids the difference between "Informing" and "Tattling".

Family Volley: Tattle-Taling and A Printable