i really want a small moon like this with the quote, "there are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls"

Small elephant tattoo...Perfect! Elephants symbolize advice seekers; good luck; obstacles overcome; remembrance; slow ascent to success; strength; power and wisdom.

My cat outline tattoo :)

Totally love this ams the placement, love this little guy #cross #tattoo

Getting the PINK dog as a tattoo is totally trashy, but I like the simple silhouette -- I'm just trying to think of ways to make it really small.

need this tattoo, or cattoo!

I've always thought about getting a small black linework cat tattoo on the back of my neck as a starter tattoo to make sure I can handle the one I really want. It'd be awesome if they could make it tortie (for Speckals) but I don't know if it would relate well.

kitty cat tattoo

Little black cat tattoo. Love it! Cat lovers will love it too.

New little black cat tattoo

Little black cat tattoo. It's finally on my body. Eeep!

My kitty cat tattoo! I think behind the ear in honor of my late baby black kitty Dakota...miss you :(

My Penn State meets THON tattoo. Just found this photo. So glad I did this on my birthday #thon08 #pennstate #ohana

How is that for a Nittany Lion tattoo?

Penn State Tattoo, I'm getting this as a graduation gift to myself.

So cute! Would add a little red balloon for him to hold.

Awesome Dumbo tattoo

Small tattoo placement ideas... I'm obsessing over tattoos right now but I basically just want all of these tattoos as a henna. I think I'm too scared to get a real one.

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