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I think everyone should do that.

Frilly Flower Newborn Dress pattern by Sophie Kilby | Newborn | Ravelry | Free Pattern

tension rod to hold decorations

I LOVE this! And it's small so it would be easily hide-able.....wonder about the pain factor, though....

  • Andie Jayaratne

    You should be really careful when piercing/ inking cartilage areas. A tonne of people have had some severe infections, but have been fine on other areas. But then again, everyone's different.

  • Tessa Cates

    I got a daisy tattooed there. Couldn't feel a thing. Not too many nerve endings in your ear.

  • Tiffany Orton

    I have a music note there, I couldn't feel anything, she had to tell me she was done. I thought she hadn't even started, I heard her machine, but thought she was just messing with it. It was super quick and honestly didn't feel anything. And I am in love with mine.

  • Finnian O'Brien

    That's so cool, I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to get one

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