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LEGO Learning Idea: States, their Capitals and Abbreviations

LEGO Learning Idea: States, their Capitals and Abbreviations

A great thing about this project is it is JUST acrylic paint black Sharpies (love me some Sharpies) and scrap booking paper (Oh, and prepared canvases, Modge Podge and a Cricut machine) I think the last 3 items add a little cost - don't you wish schools had Cricuts? Ellison Machines just aren't the same but could do in a pinch.

Teaching Blog Addict: end of the year art project

How to Print on Post-It Notes and a free template with motivational quotes!

This is a great list of history videos that netflix carries

Punctuation Anchor Chart

Classification of Animals: Invertebrates and Vertebrates (mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians). This 36 page Powerpoint presentation covers all of those animals and much more. More than just a series of informative slides, this educational package contains higher level thinking activities, riddles, and diagrams to keep the students engaged.

Getting sick of using water as your one and only example of matter changing phase? Check out this video. It uses glass as an example. Why didn't I think of that?

50 STATES SONG (rhyming and in alphabetical order) by THE LEARNING STATION

Fraction War - Learning fractions with a deck of cards.

FREE.......Common Core Sheets A great resource for math, science, language arts and Social Studies worksheets. Amazing!!!!

8 Outstanding Apps That Help Kids Learn to Read

Best pirate themed books for the preschool/ toddler crowd

The best printable map site I have seen.

Printable Abstract Coloring pages