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Wright's Rock Shop Classics Gallery 12

Gen Diaspore Crystal in Matrix

Gem Diaspore Crystal in Matrix - The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom

Lace Agate

MALACHITE Polished Stalactite Copper Crescent, DR Congo (Zaire), Africa

Chrysoberyl - Lac Alaotra, Alaotra-Mangoro Region, Toamasina Province, Madagascar

Silver on Acanthite

fossil ammonites - natural fractal

Ammonites | FossilsPictures | Page 2

Calcite with Stilbite

The Heart of Mother Earth

Rutile Hair Quartz.

Rutile Hair Quartz Crystal Freeform qzb36ie519 | eBay

Manganoan Calcite stalactites inside a matrix cast


Tsavorite - Gem Gallery - Smithsonian Institution

Banded opal

Soap Rocks X Third Drawer Down

Quartz var. Amethyst Quartz. Stowe Maine / Mineral Friends ♥

Carrollite, Cu(Co,Ni)2S4 Locality: Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre)

Fluorite with Ferberite and Quartz A dramatic and overall eye-catching piece featuring some of the most well-known species from the famous Yaogangxian Mine. A very sharp and gemmy 4.6 cm cube of stark green Fluorite sits upon a matrix comprising a few bladed groups of sharp, lustrous, jet-black Ferberite and well-formed, prismatic crystals of white to colorless Quartz.

aura quartz geode

Heliodor crystal on Smokey Quartz. / Mineral Friends ♥

Trinity Mineral Co Auction: Minerals

Mineral Friends ♥

Dioptase from Namibia