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Bhangra Bistar - Dil Bole Hadippa (2009) My dad: "Bollywood, psssh. Just a rip-off of Hollywood and AMERICAN movies." Me: "Uhhhh....not quite."

Between John Mulaney's "The Salt and Pepper Diner" bit, his Ice-T impression, and "New in Town," the title track of this album...I can't stop giggling. He is pretty hilarious. comedians.jokes.c...

Eastern religion/philosophy. I once had someone tell me that if I ever started reading Eastern philosophy it'd push my concern for Western philosophy out the window. Well played, Dr. E.

Baths - Lovely Bloodflow. Both song and gorgeous video. I am kind of obsessed with the whole Cerulean album.

Lockup Raw - Predatory Behavior (3/6). I'm kind of obsessed with this whole episode because it is horrifying in a way I sometimes have trouble believing exists (Robert Glenn from part two especially), but this guy is the one that I can't get out of my head. It seems like he is actually self-aware and regretful of his most terrible crime, very much unlike the others in this episode. But I don't know. Out of his gang, out of poverty, out of prison, who would he be?

People doing Shakira's "Waka Waka" dance. This one is my favorite.

Racial and class imbalances in the justice system. This is so important.

This is like the funniest movie I've ever seen.

The legal system. No, seriously. Between viewing Paradise Lost and reading Picking Cotton (Ronald Cotton is the man pictured here), I am feeling passionate about the need for judicial reform to prevent very innocent people from losing large chunks of their lives wrongfully imprisoned.

Dia de los Muertos imagery.

Freddie Mercury. I've been listening to a Pandora radio Queen station for weeks and all of the covers I keep getting are reminders that no one is as awesome at his thing as he is.

MSNBC's "Lockup". Fascinating look at life in prison. I look forward to watching episodes all day while I'm at work. Most of these guys are somewhat humanized, but the Raw episode, "Predatory Behavior," with repeat murderers talking about their crimes, is giving me night-and-daymares. To think that people who think that way exist...

  • Sarah Goldberg

    Is it bad that I already watch this show a lot and have probably seen almost every episode lol

  • Sarah Goldberg

    Is it bad that I already watch this show a lot and have probably seen almost every episode lol

  • Rachel Trauger

    Right? It's so surreal to watch it after a day in the office, people basically living in nasty violent cages.

  • jeannie burns

    this is life everyone in the world is not nice and moral love this show